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UNDERFLOOR HEATING INSTALLATION – Step by Step install. How to install Radiant Floor Heating. Plumber showing how to install underfloor wet heating. today I’m going to do underfloor heating. So, I’m going to do a step by step guide on how to install underfloor heating. Also, how to order it, and where you can order it from as well. First of all, what I’ve done, I’ve just done a drawing, like this. And then I’ve sent this off to a company, Beneath Heat. And Beneath Heat have sent me an installation pack out, and you can buy this from your local merchant. when you buy the kit.

And when you get this kit, it comes with a full drawing. It gives you all your flow rates, all your centres, and what you need to do the job. So, what we’ll do now, we’ll have a look at some of the components that we need with this, and then we’ll install it down on the floor. We’ll put the pipe in, we’ll put the pump manifold on and we wire it up. And we’ll do all the stuff we need, so it’ll be fully step by step. So, after this video, you’ll know how to install your own underfloor heating. All right, let’s have a look now.

First of all, we’ve put the drawing up on the wall here. This drawing shows us where the manifold goes, and it shows us all the centres and where we need to put the pipes. We’ve got the board. This is a retrofit system, so we’ve got a concrete floor. I don’t want the floor to rise up too much, so I’ve got this. It’s a little bit like King Span, and then what we do with that is we put the pipes in here. So, we’ll fit that in a few minutes.

We’ve got the pipes, and the pipe comes on coils. This one’s 80 metres. Some edging strips for when it goes around corners as well. So, again, we’ll fit that. And then we’ve got the manifold. I’ll fit that on the wall as well shortly. Also, we’re going to put this onto an S-plan. So, I’ll show you how to do this as well.

This is a combi boiler this, and what we need to is so that we can control this, we need to put it onto an S-plan. So, I’ll show you that as well. Let’s have a look.

First of all before we connect the underfloor heating, what I’ve done is I’ve made the system into an S-plan system. What we’ve got here, we’ve got our flow. This flow comes up from the boiler. This zone valve here, this connects for the other circuit, for the central heating circuit that I’ve got in the other room. And then I’ve put a zone valve in here, and this is for the underfloor heating as well. I’m going to put the manifold on here now, so I’ll show you that.

We’ve got an installation guide with this, and it shows us how … well, it shows us the height that we need to go. So, it shows you the manifold on there. Also shows you how to cut the pipe. Shows you about the fittings as well that we’ve got, which I’ll show you them shortly.

When we look at the manifold, one thing that’s really good with this is if you wanted, you can undo these caps and you could put the pump on the other side. So, you could have this, if you have your pipes coming up at a tight corner, of this side, or wherever you want, you can adjust it to suit. So, that’s another good thing.

So, I’m going to put this on this world here now. It needs to be, as I say, about 400 mm high. Mine’s not going to be quite 400 really, to be honest, but the installation instructions say 400. So, we’ll put that on here now.

One thing to point out with this manifold, I fixed the manifold now. If later on, you decided you wanted to add to this manifold, then you could just undo these nuts out on the ends, and you could extend the manifold. And like this is in a corner here, you could just put a new manifold on the wall there.

We’re now going to refer to the plans here, and we see we’ve got the manifold there, and now we’re going to put the boards on the floor to this plan. So, we’ve got the board here, I’m going to start with the boards now.

The first job, sweep the floor, give it a really good sweep. If you’re an electrician, you might need to watch a YouTube video just on how to do that, but yeah, give the floor a good sweep. Just laid all the panels out here, and then I’m just going to cut this. In the instructions, it says that you can cut this with a Stanley knife. I’m going to use this, I’m just going to use a grinder, to be honest. But yeah. Just screwing all these boards down now.

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