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How to remove an olive from copper pipe. Monument olive puller Today I’m going to talk about how to remove an olive from copper pipes and from radiator tails. I’ve had the olive cutter for a few years, quite a few years, maybe even as long as 15 years or so, a long time. They’ve been really, really good. Then more recently somebody gave me this. This is the olive puller and this pulls the olive off. Then on from there, there’s a new one that’s come out, which has got connection on the top of it where you can connect your drill into it.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to change this radiator valve on this radiator here and we’ll use this one first, so we’ll use it with the bar. Then what we’ll do is we’ll use the one with the drill connection. Then you can see how easy it is to remove an olive with these.

Let’s have a look. We’ll have a look down this radiator now. First of all we’ll start with the older one. If you look at this it’s got a 22 mm connection on there, so what we’ll do is we’ll unscrew that one off and then we’ll screw that down. If you see that there, that rests in the pipe so that this pulls off. If we start with this one, all we need to do is tighten that on and then once we’ve done that we just turn this bar around. If we have a look in there, the olive is inside. We have a look at the olive. It’s really crushed, so when this radiator valve was put on, it’d been really tightened but it still managed to get it off nice and easy I’d say.

We’ll do the other one now. This is the one that’s got the connection for the drill, so what I’m going to do with this is, take the bar out so it’s like that and then I’m going to take the 22 mm back off it, and then just screw that right down, and then just connect that. Just connect that one to there. Now what we’re going to do now is we’re going to connect the drill into this. We’ll unscrew the top off there and it gives us a bit more room. We just got to set the drill. We’re just going to set back our end. I’m just going to hold that there so it tightens on and then … See how easy that was.

That’s absolutely brilliant. That’s your Monument Olive Puller, but it’s the new one that’s got the drill bit on it. I’d much rather use this one, obviously, than the older one. Again, when we look in there it’s got the olive in there. So I’m sure you’ll agree the one with the drill bit connection is absolutely amazing. Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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