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Leaking Ideal Vogue Flue Today I’ve come to a job in Bradford, so the job is to wire a Nest in for a customer, so this boilers two years old and I just want to show you the flue was actually leaking so I went and took the case off the boiler Ideal Vogue , the flue is actually leaking, so I’ll just show you this now.

So I’m going to look in this as well, they’ve also not put grommets in, they’ve just got wires straight through, so I’m going to sort this out for the customer, I’m going to take these wires out and put these grommets in as they should be done. You can see that as well, you can see all the water damage there, rust damage, so you can see that the flue been leaking in.

So I just come up to do a nest for a customer in Bradord and I just took care of stuff, if we have a look at the flue seal here, I was afraid of this boiler, I don’t know if you can see in there, but that put flue currently, if you’ll look there, flues not even in, you stay there,

So if we have a look on the top of the boiler there, we can see that it’s all been leaking in there and corroded you can see where it’s been leaking down as well, so I’m going to take this off, let’s just see if I can slide it out.

So you can just see that, it’s been just pushed up and the person that’s installed it hadn’t checked it, it’s been serviced as well since, so whoever came and serviced it also hasn’t spotted it. So I’m going to try and pull that out now and see if I can just deal with it. So we’ve managed to take the seal out and straightened up and we’re going to test it now with the flue gas analyzer just to make sure it’s all locked here, but it seems a lot better now. So hopefully that will be satisfied for the customer.

So that’s it, we managed to site it for the customer, so we’ve done the Nest, that we actually came to do and we’ve also done the flue seal and we’ve tested all with the flue gas analyzer, so it’s all safe and the customer’s happy. One happy customer. Thanks for watching.
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