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My name’s Allen Hart, and today we’re gong to look at the Salus Smart Home. So we’re going to unbox all of this and then we’re going to set it all up and we’re going to see how it all works.
So first of all, here we’ve got a Smart Hub. So this is a Salus UG600 Smart Hub. SO we’re going to open it up here, gonna see what it’s like inside. If you take a note of that website there, you might need that when you want to have a look at the instructions. So it’s got a level on the back there, so when you screw it to the wall, you can level it up. It’s also got an internet connexion back there. And it’s also got the plug socket connexion.
So just got this hardware box here. So we’ve got his plug and his leads. There’s also an internet connexion wire in here, so you’ll be able to connect it to internet. So the plug has a USB style connexion. So that’s just your ethernet cable, so you can connect that to internet. And then here we’ve just got its
So now we’re going to go connect all this to the internet and we’re going to download the app and then we’re going to see how straightforward it is for it all to be set up.
So we’ve plugged this in now. So we’ve plugged the wire into the back of the root here. That was number two connexion there, if you can see. And then the power supply, we’ll connect it to the men’s. We’ve plugged it in now and it’s going through a sequence. It will start to be red and then green and then blue. So now we’re gonna download the app and then we’re going to start connecting different features to the hub.
So I’ve got an Apple device, so we’re going on to the App store, download Salus Smart Home, and then we get to the menu here and we just set up an account. So all this bit here is just straightforward, just put all your details in. SO now we’ve downloaded its app. We just go to a Smart Hub. We click onto a Smart Hub and it starts to flash, and then we go back to its app, and we just click search for gateway, and it will find that, and put all the details in there for you.
So first of all, we’re going to connect a TRV head, so this is the TRV10RFM. So it does come with a quick fire guide here that you can look at. So let’s take it out of the box, so we’ve got a TRV head there. We’ve got some batteries and then we’ve got an adaptor so that you can fit it to different styles of radiator valves. So you should be able to use this adaptor to enable you to fit it to most style TRVs. So I’ve just got the battery slot there, so that once you’ve put this TRV on, you’d better put your batteries in.
So you just take this off here, and that’s where your batteries go. So it’s obvious which way around your batteries go. So we’ve got an old Myson TRV radiator valve here. So I’m going to turn it on to full, that just takes a bit of pressure off the pin and makes it just a little bit easier for you to get your spanner on and to be able to undo it. So just unslacken it a bit there, and just easily tilt the head off. So we’ve got this new Salus head now that we’re going to put on top, and then we just tighten that nut back up on there, so it’s very, very easy to connect onto there. And then just nip it up with the spanner.
So now we’re going to open the thermostat and then we’re going to connect the thermostat to the TRV head. So it comes with four batteries. It also comes with a fixing kit, so you can fix it to the wall. And then you’ve got your thermostat. So when you look at your thermostat, it looks okay. I think it looks quite nice. So if we tip back off there, we can see where the batteries go. So the four batteries will go in there. So I just put batteries in back of this now, so we’ll just clip this on. And then for now, we’re just going to pair it to unit and we’re going to pair it tip valve. So we’ll just click on the button here, and it just says join. And then now we’re going to pair it to its app and then that will connect it to the TRV on the radiator.
So with the app now, we’ll just click add new equipment. So now we just scan for equipment. And then we’ll go we’ve found the thermostat, click on the thermostat, connect the equipment. And then we can just name that thermostat where we want the thermostat to be, and then we just click next. So now when we go back into the app, onto the home screen, we see there now that we’ve got office thermostat, and we can just turn it up and down. And then when we turn it up here, if we have a look on the thermostat, if you look on the top left on corner there, just see the flame come on. So now that’s going to make our room warm.
So now we’ve also got is Smart Plug. We’ve also got a door

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