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Van Alarm. Tool Theft. Wireless GPS ALARM Van security. Van security is something that’s really important to gas engineers, plumbers, anybody who’s got pipe rack and tools and stuff in the van. I’ve got my equipment today. VAN ALARM. Mike is a gas engineer and he’s developed a product for his van to start with, and then it’s developed it into a product that eventually we’ll all be able to buy. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to invite Mike into this video, social distancing and all that. I’m going to invite Mike into this video and he’s going to tell us a little bit about this product, and then also, after Mike’s talked about it, we’re going to add the product video on the end. Tool Theft Protection.
So you’ll be able to see all about the product, how you instal the product, et cetera, and what I’d like you to do, please, if you could, add some comments below. Let’s speak to Mike. Van Guardian.
So I’m a heating engineer just like Alan is, and 18 months ago this journey started for me to develop what we can see here today of Van Guardian. So basically it started from the pipe carrier. I suffered the indignity of pipe carrier theft on numerous occasion, to the point eventually I thought, “There’s got to be something to protect this from happening,” and actually looking on the internet, trying to find a product, it didn’t exist. So I started this journey using various products to develop a system of vehicle protection. This thing begun to speed up momentum as I introduced it’s all engineers and said, “Oh, what do you think of this?” And they really bought into the idea of having some kind of protection. So I pursued it and kept going with it and 18 months down the line, here we are.

The Van Guardian vehicle and asset alarm system provides an effective, visible, and audible deterrent to deter thieves and protect your property and assets from potential damage and theft. Designed to be seen on the exterior of the vehicle and attached simply but securely with 3M waterproof high bond contact adhesive tape, eliminating the need for tools, drilling, and wiring. Van Guardian alarms provide the most cost effective, simple to instal, alarm alert solution to help you combat and deter vehicle crime and tool theft. Designed specifically to protect the most vulnerable commonly targeted at risk zones on your vehicle and to alert you against the potential threat of damage to doors and locks and the possible threat of copper pipe theft from a pipe carrier or ladders from a roof rack.

The Van Guardian dual alarm provides a highly responsive, visible, and audible alarm alert from two independent alarm mechanisms, with both units emitting an ear piercing 110 decibel audible alert when sensing contact within its designated zonal area. The dual alarm is designed to be seen and heard and provides an extremely effective crime deterrent for the protection of rear doors on a vehicle or the protection of assets and ladders on a roof rack or pipe carrier. The Van Guardian twin alarms still offers the same very effective 110 decibel orderable phenomena, but in two separate independent single alarm units to offer a cost effective solution and alarm alert protection to two separate zonal areas, usually associated with the offside and near side doors on a van. This cost effective solution offers the same alarm alert protection as our dual alarm, but in a more discreet, compact single unit design.

The robust waterproof strong box and toolbox alarm can be used internally as a second line of defence to protect your most valuable assets, activating from within if your own van security is breached, but producing the desired 110 decibel alarm alert when the doors are opened, providing an effective second line of defence, or it can be used externally on an open back truck. Perfect for gardeners and electrical gate engineers to protect tools and assets while in an open air environment. This product is due for release very soon. So please check the website regularly for further updates on this and all future products at www.vanguardian.co.uk.

Let me show you now how quick and simple it is to instal your Van Guardian. The Van Guardian installation procedure. Once you have decided what you want to protect with your Van Guardian, make sure the location surface is clean, dry, and dust free before you begin. Follow the instructions and separate the alarm compartment from the base. Locate and remove the two tabs from the electrics compartment to initiate the power to the alarm mechanism. Take the base and peel off the

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