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Today we’ve been called out to a job in Horsforth, in Leeds. So, initially the customer asked us to give them a quote for a new boiler, so we came to give them a quote, and when looked at the boiler we told the customer that the boiler couldn’t go back in the same place as where it is now.

The customer was a little bit shocked at that, because he’d had some other gas engineers out that had said that that’s fine, it can go back in, and they’d quoted to fit it back here. But then we explained the reason. So, this flue here, it’s quite difficult to see from here, but it actually goes through the chimney breast. That chimney breast is actually in use for a log burner, so the same company that quoted to replace this boiler has also been servicing it, and they haven’t picked up on the fact that the flue was going through another flue, or through a chimney.

So if you have a look there, the flue of the boiler actually goes through the chimney breast. So if we have a look here, it’s got a log burner that shares this chimney.

So when we look at this instal as well, all the pipework is 15 mm, so is the gas ,Now this house is a five bedroomed house, so the heating didn’t work very well anyway. If you have a look, it’s all on push fit. So the instal wasn’t very good, maybe it’s been a DIY instal. If you have a look in this cupboard, it’s also been leaking.

So if we look at this, there’s actually a joint in the flue, which is a definite no no.

So I’m not actually sure where this was leaking, because it was dripping, it was dripping on left hand side, and it was dripping on right hand side. Water was just leaking all over.

So we’re taking this out today anyway, so it don’t matter. But as you can see there, it’s been leaking, it’s been leaking for quite a while. If you want to look at the floor.

So all I’d say to any gas engineers that are watching these videos, just be careful, just take that extra bit of care to check the flue, see if the flue’s going through any voids or in this case through another chimney. And then obviously on this one there’s a log burner downstairs, so just be careful.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video.

Allen Hart

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